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DFS has approved this curriculum for CEUs: Course ID: 110260

The New AOB Law: How’s it Working and for How Long?  

by Lisa Miller, former Deputy Insurance Commissioner of Florida [50 mins]


What's the nitty gritty of Florida’s new Assignment of Benefits (AOB) law and is it having the desired effect of reducing abusive lawsuits which drive up rates and take advantage of consumers?  This presentation will cover those issues, how vendors and their plaintiff lawyers have adjusted their litigation tactics in response, and the new challenges and remedies for insurance companies and their policyholders.


Insurance Lines:  Homeowners/Property

Case Law Update 

by Jim Rinaman, III, Esq. [50 mins]


The most impactful court decisions of the last 12 months will be analyzed.

Insurance Lines:  Homeowners/Property, PIP, Auto Casualty


When to Defend? Key Coverage Defenses and When to Raise Them 

by Thomas Hunker, Esq. & Sanaz Alempour, Esq. [50 mins]


Will provide an overview of several of the most important coverage defenses with a focus on the most appropriate manner and timing for raising them, and include specific examples and strategies.


Insurance Lines:  Homeowners/Property, PIP, Auto Casualty


Application Fraud and Misrepresentations: No Deal!

by Andy Rock, Esq. [50 mins]


Will discuss application fraud and misrepresentations, how to identify them, what to do with them, and why they matter.


Insurance Lines:  Homeowners/Property, PIP, Auto Casualty


Proposals For Settlement – Issues and Options

by Scot Samis, Esq. [50 mins]


Proposals for settlements are meant to resolve disputes, but often create them as well.  This overview examines common PFS issues and suggests how to navigate the gray areas.


Insurance Lines:  Homeowners/Property, PIP, Auto Casualty


The Truth About Fraudulent Medical Directors--Exposing the Lie

by Frank Goldstein, Esq. [50 mins]


Layperson-owned clinics are required to employ medical/clinical directors and both the clinic and the medical/clinical directors are required to comply with strict legal requirements. This presentation will expose the fraud being perpetrated by clinics who are either not truly employing medical/clinical directors and/or are employing medical/clinical directors who are not and have never been expected to comply with their statutory responsibilities.


Insurance Lines: PIP, Auto Casualty


We began providing educational seminars to Florida's automobile/medical claims industry in 1995 as Medical Claims Defense Network/MCDN.

In 2019, MCDN changed its name to Florida Claims Defense Network/FCDN in order to provide courses with homeowners claims information as well as auto/medical topics.

FCDN will present its first joint auto/homeowners seminar on October 17, 2019.

We welcome eligible insurance adjusters, SIU representatives, defense lawyers, and regulatory and law enforcement agents.

We have provided CEUs for Florida adjusters and CLEs for Florida Bar-admitted lawyers, but do not guarantee credit prior to course approval.

Our one-day seminars are offered in bi-annually, and cost only $125 for early registrations, and include self-parking, continental breakfast and a diverse buffet lunch.


Registration is now open!


$125.00  Early Registration - through 9/23/19

$135.00  Registration from 9/24 – 10/10/19

$160.00  Final Registration from 10/11 – 10/17/19

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